April 25, 2005

Tokyo Reunited

(13:21:22) Oxygenik: 4 out of 5 of the gang from Tokyo met up for the first time at mine
(13:21:49) Oxygenik: £2.19 for 1l San Miguel bottles
(13:22:08) Squidboy!: bargain... much headacheness ensued no doubt
(13:22:08) Oxygenik: Which was nice, we went to an estate pub and then an old man's pub
(13:22:27) Oxygenik: and then back to mine, where S, in a moment of lunacy, suggested pillling
(13:22:35) Oxygenik: Actually, that's not exactly true
(13:22:57) Oxygenik: I suggested pilling, and she said she'd wanted to suggest it earlier, so I blame her
(13:23:02) Oxygenik: she thought of it first!
(13:23:11) Oxygenik: we had a pill, D and S and I had a smoke (S spins out on weed) came up nicely, felt great, went for a walk to Buckingham Palace
(13:23:39) Oxygenik: sat on the steps of Eros loving it, wondering how many people were covertly watching us skinning up
(13:24:14) Oxygenik: Bounced around a bit, walked back to mine and took another pill and looked at old Tokyo photos for about an hour.
(13:24:35) Oxygenik: smoked another spliff, did a line of Harpic had another pill
(13:25:17) Oxygenik: after about another hour (now 4:30am) we took another pill and went out again to the river
(13:25:37) Oxygenik: did another pill on the way, smoked another spliff and watched the dawn, all very nice
(13:26:06) Oxygenik: S didn't get anything off the last pill so I suggested she have a smoke. She hasn't smoked anything since her 2nd year at uni when she collapsed and had to be carried to bed
(13:26:21) Oxygenik: But for some reason this didn't seem like much of a contraindication
(13:26:40)Oxygenik: Anyway, I skinned up a disgracefully strong spliff right back to back with the one she didn't have, and that last spliff, on top of the coke and four pills fractured all our consciousnesses
(13:27:32) Oxygenik: We decided it was time to go home at about 6:15, but it took about 6 hours to get home
(13:27:41) Oxygenik: in fact, 40 minutes, but it felt like 6 hours
(13:28:18) Squidboy!: ouch!
(13:24:22) Squidboy!: sounds fun tho' dude
(13:24:28) Oxygenik: it was, right until the end
(13:24:41) Oxygenik: 6:15 when we lost our minds and were unable to cross a road
(13:30:28) Oxygenik: the 4 of us were just locked in some kind of feedback loop unable to cross the road because it was too big a task for anyone to start alone, and out appreciation of the existence of other people was sketchy at best.
(13:31:17) Oxygenik: I was trying to get a blanket back in the rucksack, at the same time as crossing the road, and I kept flipping between one and the other and following the lead of the other people who were all following each other, so none of us ever made it off the pavement
(13:31:41) Oxygenik: every 20 minutes subjective time we'd look around and it was exactly the same place we'd been 20 minutes ago
(13:31:53) Oxygenik: until D started marking time by looking at his watch
(13:32:07) Squidboy!: Aww bless. The true meaning of mashup. When 4 grown adults can't cross a not very busy road.
(13:32:18) Oxygenik: 6:15 in the morning - zero cars
(13:32:24) Oxygenik: Sunday morning at that
(13:24:47) Oxygenik: that part on wasn't too nice
(13:24:55) Oxygenik: S had to meet her mum at 9:30 too
(13:24:59) Squidboy!: sticky
(13:25:08) Squidboy!: owwwww!!! ouch ouch ouch!!!!
(13:25:09) Squidboy!: silly
(13:25:18) Oxygenik: Mum had flown in from Ireland, so there was no escaping it
(13:25:33) Squidboy!: that must have been hard work
(13:25:43) Squidboy!: then again if the pills were still flowing, maybe not
(13:25:58) Oxygenik: No no, she had a terrible time at the end
(13:26:26) Oxygenik: when she lost her mind (when we all did really) she thought she would never recover
(13:26:35) Squidboy!: oops, head in pieces at 6.30, knowing she'd have to meet her ma in 3 hours
(13:26:50) Oxygenik: we were walking back for about 40 minutes, but it felt like 4 hours
(13:26:59) Oxygenik: along the same bit of road, over and over and over again
(13:27:08) Oxygenik: hearing the same things from the same people over and over and over again
(13:27:18) Oxygenik: every time we looked around, it was exactly the same
(13:27:28) Oxygenik: time wasn't actually running forwards anymore
(13:27:41) Squidboy!: man, that doesn't sound particularly enjoyable
(13:27:53) Oxygenik: D started marking time by counting the minutes staring at his watch
(13:28:00) Squidboy!: have experienced similar after heavy bouts
(13:28:37) Oxygenik: but the probelm was we couldn't remember what the last minute he called out was, and in any case it still felt like about 20 minutes since he last called one out
(13:29:00) Oxygenik: So instead he started naming stuff that was happening and postfixing it with "This is new."
(13:29:08) Squidboy!: lol
(13:29:09) Squidboy!: :)
(13:29:13) Oxygenik: "We're walking past a green door. This is new."
(13:29:29) Oxygenik: "We're inside. We were outside. This is new."
(13:29:37) Squidboy!: do you think you've done any lasting damage? sunday must have been hellish
(13:29:45) Oxygenik: "Oxygenik wasn't here before. Now he's got cups of tea. This is new."
(13:30:09) Oxygenik: I knew it would pass in 30-60 minutes or so, and it did
(13:30:41) Oxygenik: But S, who as I said hasn't smoked since her first time about 4 years ago, wasn't so sure
(13:31:13) Oxygenik: She kept on crying and repeating, "Stop saying the same things over and over again!"
(13:31:20) Oxygenik: Not really in a state to appreciate the irony
(13:31:51) Squidboy!: ooooohhhhh
(13:31:58) Squidboy!: that's not much fun
(13:32:01) Squidboy!: fun for you
(13:32:05) Squidboy!: or fun for her...
(13:32:16) Oxygenik: S kept saying, "What if it never ends? What if I never leave this place?"
(13:32:27) Oxygenik: And every time I tried to reassure her, she wasn't reassured
(13:32:55) Oxygenik: Later she told me she couldn't be certain I wasn't a hallucintation teasing her with comforting lies
(13:32:31) Squidboy!: sounds like she was in an unhappy place
(13:32:39) Squidboy!: almost bad trip-like
(14:33:17) Squidboy!: that's the kind of mood where you feel the need to confess ALL to your mother who you're meeting from the plane in ireland in 3 hours time
(13:33:37) Oxygenik: yeah, it's pointless confession time
(13:33:46) Oxygenik: I've been sleeping with my sister in law
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April 20, 2005

Laurent Garnier @ The End

It's very very hard to review a night like this, or to even comment. I'll let the photos do most of the talking, but there were some things that need highlighting.

First, this night has been in the works since before Sander Kleinenberg. I've been excited about seeing Laurent Garnier since I allowed my Sayonara Party to be diverted from what I wanted to do, which was see LG at Yellow, to what everyone else wanted to do, which was see Basement Jaxx at Ageha. Ageha sucks as a venue; there's no atmosphere to speak of, just a giant room, some nasty cafe tables and chairs and a giant sound system. You can't smoke or drink on the dance floor, and I'm not sure but I think you're not allowed to smile in there either. And you've got to make a massive trek out of town to get there and you get charged £25 for the pleasure. Oh, and Basement Jaxx were poppy shite. So in a sense this night represented for me the fulfillment of my last wish in Tokyo :)

Second, the people coming, not least Stephen and Dave who flew in from Kuala Lumpur that afternoon. Sadly Dave couldn't make it due to picking up gutrot in Malaysia, but Tokyo Stephen, who lost his luggage at KL and was thus delayed at Heathrow until about 8pm, did manage to make it home, get changed, shower and come out the same night. In addition there were people from Ireland and Cyprus who'd flown in especially, not to mention my good friend M who was doing his first ever pilled-up clubbing, S, G's mate C from Norwich, DC, M & J, P & C, O & A, the Irish, K & R, Dr. R, D, J (breaking his 4 month pill fast) & H and many more. I don't need an organiser, just a Letraset.


Mini album

Many more, including some wicked videos, available on request

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April 12, 2005


Quickie: I had my 9 month appraisal today. My manager had basically nothing negative to say about my performance: "We think you're doing a fantastic job, please continue!"

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April 10, 2005

Evil Window

The clueless, fuckwitted arseholes who installed the windows in my bedroom managed somehow to fit the opening mechanism on one of them upside down. Ordinarily, the sash windows are sprung to support them open - a little friction and the spring serve to maintain them in whatever open position you want. And on three of the windows in my room, this is exactly what happens: you open the sash window, and it remains where it is when you stop pushing up.

Not so on the fourth. This one, I surmise, is sprung upside down. On the first warm weekend of this year I walked around my room happily opening the windows, replacing the stale winter fug of my room with fresh London diesel particulates. As I turned away from the final window I let my hand relax and WHAM! it slammed down on my knuckles, ripping a nice piece of skin off my index finger. I retrieved the skin, washed off the window filth and replaced it on the wound. It's healing very nicely!

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