April 10, 2005

Evil Window

The clueless, fuckwitted arseholes who installed the windows in my bedroom managed somehow to fit the opening mechanism on one of them upside down. Ordinarily, the sash windows are sprung to support them open - a little friction and the spring serve to maintain them in whatever open position you want. And on three of the windows in my room, this is exactly what happens: you open the sash window, and it remains where it is when you stop pushing up.

Not so on the fourth. This one, I surmise, is sprung upside down. On the first warm weekend of this year I walked around my room happily opening the windows, replacing the stale winter fug of my room with fresh London diesel particulates. As I turned away from the final window I let my hand relax and WHAM! it slammed down on my knuckles, ripping a nice piece of skin off my index finger. I retrieved the skin, washed off the window filth and replaced it on the wound. It's healing very nicely!

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