December 21, 2005

Another weird dream

It seems as though only my night-time mental life is interesting enough to write about, perhaps because daytime is full of the menial things. And because I don't have enough energy to write about Santacon! My one interesting bit of news comes from yesterday afternoon, when I was busy extracting the face of my friend's nephew from a photo. Photoshop was huge on both screens and the giant nephew's face was highlighted by a bright green mask when the VP walks in and says, "Can I have a few minutes?"

A few minutes later and my red hands are shaking from the adrenaline surge that resulted from being caught that way, but it turned out he was telling me that he would prefer me to travel to Japan on compassionate leave rather than using up my holiday allowance. I do like working here.

As for my dream, I think I may well have to leave you mostly uninformed, although what I recall is probably more than I should recount. Nonetheless since it's fading fast I will tell it as I remember it. I can remember there was a boat ride with work mates in a cave, a house on the banks in which I had failed sex with a female colleague. Startling me, she puled out a 12" cock (although she claimed it was only 9") but was painfully unable to accommodate my considerably more modest manhood. Weirdly, she jacked off and came in pearlescent gobbets while I was still trying to get comprehend her monstrous appendage - I wondered in my dream if she was fertile and whether she could clone herself. Anyway, at least she came.

Posted by Oxygenik at December 21, 2005 1:48 PM