May 13, 2005

A friend's dream

(11:25:39) Squidboy!: next time you turn up in one of my dreams, i'd appreciate it if you weren't completely off your tits having just taken 5 minutes to get from plymouth to bristol
(11:25:51) Squidboy!: where you'd been for a night out
(11:25:57) Squidboy!: or something
(11:26:18) Squidboy!: and please dont bring the cocaine shaped like a joint of bacon again
(11:26:19) Squidboy!: please
(11:30:32) Squidboy!: then the cocaine turned into something that can only be described as looking like a curly dogshit, yet was still unmistakably cocaine, to my mind anyway, and i couldn't leave it anywhere.
(11:30:45) Squidboy!: spent the rest of the dream in intense paranoia of being busted
(11:31:26) Squidboy!: but the free pies at work were a bonus
(11:31:34) Squidboy!: parsnip and sesame...

Posted by Oxygenik at May 13, 2005 11:28 AM
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